To Orb or Not to Orb

Most likely, that’s dust!

Orbs, orbs, orbs, orbs, orbs. The great debate rages on and will probably never be decided because orbs are purely subjective. No matter how many experts you throw at an orb photo or how many hours you examine the orbs, in the end it’s all up to the viewer whether the orb is truly a spirit or not.

As a rule, Paranormal Georgia Investigations discounts 99% of orbs as dust, raindrops, or bugs that are illuminated by the flash from the camera. That remaining 1%? That is most likely the ever-elusive ball of paranormal energy we’re all hoping to capture. How can we as investigators determine that something is a true orb and not dust/bugs/raindrops?

  • The orb must be self-illuminating, meaning the photo/video of the orb used no flash or external light source. The orb must be the only thing in the photo that is lit up.
  • The orb must be moving in opposition of all other particulate matter. If the dust is going left and orb is going right and there is no evidence of wings, then it’s most likely moving under its own power and therefore an honest-to-goodness orb.

Even though we discount almost all orbs as not being spiritual in nature, we take into account who is the photographer/videographer who captured the orb on film. Is said person showing us a picture they took while on vacation in Savannah, Georgia, during a ghost tour? Then we’ll take the opportunity to tell them our ideas on orbs and that their picture probably shows evidence of a dusty or buggy night. But, if said photographer/videographer is showing us a picture from inside their home after a loved-one’s passing, and the person is wanting to know if the orb in the photo is the deceased loved one, then we reassure them that yes, their dear one is near to them.

Because they are.

What are your opinions on orbs? Tell us what you think about orbs and feel free to submit your photos to us for analysis!

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About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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2 Responses to To Orb or Not to Orb

  1. Drew says:

    my opinion on orbs, is that you have to be careful not to read into it more than there is. for instance, i can lay on my back and look at the clouds, and i might begin to see shapes, i then my begin to put identifiying properties to those shapes. for example, this cloud appears to have a large backside and a distinguished torso with a beack, kinda looks like a tucan. well, in the same way i have heard people say “wow, look at that orb! looks like tha face! cant ya see the nose and the eyes?. people begin to see things that arent there and are subjective to them and there perspective.

  2. Denis Pavon says:

    Hello there, I am a residential painter. Many times I take photos of my work. In few photos I see what are call orbs. I have a photo where you can see hundreds of the orbs, to the point where you see different shapes and sizes, I would like to share then, how can I upload a photo? Thank you very much.
    Denis P.

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