Waverly Evidence, Part 1

Well, folks, here it is. We are finally ready to post our evidence from Waverly! We will do this in several parts as this place is an evidence gold mine! To post everything all at once would mean a blog post that would take you all day to read.

This first round of evidence is from my little digital voice recorder. I use an Olympus WS-311M digital voice recorder. After announcing the beginning of the EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session (names of people in the room, beginning time of the session, location of session), I set my recorder down and do not touch it for the duration of the session unless I want to move the recorder to a different location in the room. Please note that several of these EVPs are very clear but some will require headphones (or, at the least, earbuds). I suggest you listen to these with headphones, and the volume cranked, to make sure you hear what we heard.

The first EVP was recorded in the Electroshock Therapy room on the first floor. At about 2.9 seconds into the recording, after I’ve been in the background talking to a team member, you hear a sigh and mumbling that we cannot attribute to anyone on the team. This is definitely a Class C EVP. (Click on the link below to listen to the audio file. After you listen, click on your browser’s “Back” button to return to this blog post.)

Electroshock Therapy Sigh-Mumbles

This second EVP was also recorded in the Electroshock Therapy room. I’m talking and at the 1.8 second mark, you hear what sounds like a man, screaming in the distance.

Electroshock Therapy Scream

Yeah. That one gets me every time.

Next is an EVP from the Old Gift Shop, also on the first floor. In this recording, you hear our footsteps as we walk through the room, getting our equipment set up. At about 2.6 seconds (and you’ll probably need to crank the volume), you hear a far-off scream/shout, much like the previous EVP, except I think this one is shouting “NO!” or “GO!” You decide.

Old Gift Shop No

Moving up to the 4th floor of Waverly Hills, we were told by our tour guide that the spirit of a child has been known to play with toys brought by investigators and EVPs of children’s voices have been captured. This EVP may demonstrate this. Halfway through the recording, at about the three second mark, you hear a very quick, high-pitched giggle. Again, crank the volume.

4th Floor Giggle

Now, on to my favorite room in Waverly… the 4th floor operating room! While we were there, actively investigating, the room itself was quiet, not much activity. But, when I returned home and started listening to my audio, I found most of my EVP evidence here. This first bit of audio was captured before I even set down my recorder. At the beginning, you hear a quick giggle and some whispering. Some background about our group first. We DO NOT whisper during EVP sessions. We always speak in normal voice tones because whispers can later be mistaken for EVPs. If we have to whisper, we make note on the recording, “Hey, it’s Heather. I’m whispering to Tammy.” So, whoever this is whispering, they’re not on my team. After the quick giggle then whisper, you hear me begin the audio session.

4th Floor OR Giggle-Whisper

So, I begin the audio session by announcing who was in the room, what time it was, and where we were. Then you hear Tammy mumbling, I set down my recorder, and you hear a female voice ask “Anything else?”

4th Floor OR Anything Else

That, folks, is a Class A EVP and is the first one I’ve ever captured. That is not my voice (you just heard what I sounded like) and it’s not Tammy’s voice as hers is deeper and much more Southern!

Just a minute or two later into the session, Tammy and I ask the spirit(s) to close the door to the room. Our tour guide told us stories of said door slamming shut on its own, locking investigators inside. So, we asked whoever was with us to shut the door. Tammy talks about the door, then me, then you hear a male say, “I wish!”

4th Floor OR I Wish

Yeah! I got the chills, too!

The final 4th floor OR EVP comes in the form of a female voice. When I first heard it, I couldn’t make out what she was saying. You’ll hear her at about 3.8 seconds:

4th Floor OR Female Voice

She’s definitely not me or Tammy, and we think she sounds British. Tammy says she hears the word “buttons” and maybe she’s asking about the buttons on our equipment. “What kind of buttons are these?” or something to that effect.

My final EVP is from the 3rd floor. Now, when I listened to all of my Waverly audio, it was middle-of-the-day, sunshine coming in through the windows, birds chirping outside, nothing like the dark, dingy scenery of Waverly. When I heard this next bit of audio, I had to put down my headphones and walk away. This one gave me chills and still does.

3rd Floor Shout

Does that sound like a very emphatic “OUT!” at about 2.6 seconds or is that just me?

More evidence to come!

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About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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6 Responses to Waverly Evidence, Part 1

  1. Avitable says:

    That’s pretty fantastic. The “Anything else?” and the “I wish” were so clear!

  2. the muskrat says:

    Had I known this stuff was going on, I would have brought extra Depends.

  3. i am really not sure how i feel about listening to these, but i certainly am not gonna do it here at work. would hate to crap my pants without easy access to a new pair & a shower.

  4. Heather Dobson says:

    Avitable – Yeah, I was completely psyched to find these clips!
    Muskrat – What, the three you had on wasn’t enough? 😉
    Hello Haha Narf – I know what you mean, hon. A couple of these got to me. Knowing the history of the place and knowing how the patients suffered from TB it’s sad to think they may still be at Waverly Hills without moving on.

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  6. Wooow that’s amazing … I’ll be following you … great work !

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