Waverly Evidence, Part 2

Dear readers, you deserve an award for waiting this long for more Waverly evidence.

My sincerest apologies.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

(Don’t forget to put on your headphones/earbuds and crank up the volume on your computer!)

These are all EVPs recorded on investigator, and sensitive, Tammy’s digital recorder. The first two EVPs are from the first session conducted in the first floor electroshock therapy room. The first EVP is loud and noticeable. You’ll hear Tammy and then myself talking and then you’ll hear a loud bark or yell. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, there were no dogs on this investigation and no dogs on the property. What is this? I don’t know.

Waverly Electroshock Therapy Yell

This second EVP occurs right in the middle of the audio file. You’ll hear a team member talking and then what sounds like a yell or bark. It’s pretty loud and sounds just like the yell/bark from the first EVP.

Waverly Electroshock Therapy Bark

This third EVP was recorded in the former hospital gift shop. Tammy says it was recorded as we were walking into the room and getting settled. Please turn up your volume for this one! Listen closely and tell us, in the comments, what you think is being said:

Waverly Gift Shop Sentence

To us, it sounds like an entire sentence. “Jim…. the dead-eye people.” What do you think?

The fourth EVP was also recorded in the old gift shop on the first floor. This was captured just as we were leaving the room. You’ll hear footsteps moving across the floor and, in the middle of the clip, a whispering male voice say, “Don’t leave us!”

Waverly Gift Shop Don’t Leave Us

One of the stories of Waverly is that a homeless man died there, after the hospital was shut down, when he fell down an elevator shaft thinking it was a stairwell. With him was his dog that also passed. Now, I can tell you that we constantly heard a dog barking during our investigation. We didn’t hear this dog from a distance, out in one of the surrounding neighborhoods. No, this dog sounded like a large breed dog that was in the building with us. Could this have been the dog that died with its homeless master after Waverly shut down? Possibly. In the next EVP, captured on the third floor, you hear a dog bark twice.

Waverly 3rd Floor Dog Barking

Not only did we leave our pets at home, but we also left our children with babysitters. Again, there were no children on the property with us during our investigation. So, how do you explain this child’s voice trying to get our attention? Could it have been the spirit of Timmy, a child who contracted TB and passed away at Waverly, wanting to play?

Waverly 3rd Floor Child

And finally, the last EVP from Tammy’s many recordings proves that the resident dog spirit was trying to get our attention. This was recorded on the fifth floor. You’ll hear the background noise and then the sound of the dog bark. To us, the barks always sounded close by, as if they were happening in the next room or the floor below us. This bark sounds like it’s right in the recorder’s microphone!

Waverly 5th Floor Loud Dog

Listen to all of these EVPs and tell us what you think in the comments. And if you haven’t listened to our first round of Waverly evidence, check that out here.

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1 Response to Waverly Evidence, Part 2

  1. Chad Mcdonald says:

    Did yall here the “barks” while conducting the investigation or only when reviewing the evp tapes? They are very loud and seems like you would have heard them at the time.

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