One For the Books

Sometime during one of our many investigations I had something rather unusual happen to me. I don’t want to spill the beans yet, so let me give some details first. The history of the house was that it had been in the client’s family for a very long time and it had been expanded from a one bed/one bath to fit her uncle’s family.

They had all had experiences for years, possibly even decades. One experience that stuck out to me during the initial walk-through was of one of the daughters being slapped in her sleep and large masculine hand prints were left on her cheeks.

The client also shared an interesting renovation story. While her uncle was making his house larger for his growing family he had to take out a wall to add an additional bathroom. When he tore into the wall he found a bone with a feather all tied together with a red ribbon. That was one of the strangest things I had ever heard. I immediately thought that it may have been some sort of protection talisman. We then found out that this item was thrown in the trash. Really?

There was also a very small child’s crutch found in the attic, easily 100 years old. The Hollywood spooky movie storyline popped into my head and I immediately thought, oh crap that bone they found in the wall belonged to a child! I apparently watch too much television. At any rate, we weren’t able to connect the dots to either object.

We soon learned that whoever may have been hitting those kids in their sleep was still in the house. Long story short, we were dealing with an old, super cranky, drunk. We had a few group EVP sessions. Soon both of our teams and the client had congregated in this one room, which used to be the kids’ room. If our K2 meters (and team sensitives) served us right, this spirit was soon cornered in there with us. We got some definitive noises, knocking, and K2 blips that answered that the spirit was an older male and he wanted a drink.

After that session we decided to split up (not alone, we never do that). I was grouped with the client. We stayed behind in the kids’ room and everyone else scattered about the house. I spent a few minutes just talking with the client because I figured she might be nervous. She soon asked me questions one might ask a sensitive, to which I quickly replied,  “Sorry, I can’t tell you what is in here unless the equipment goes off or whatever it is comes up and hits me.” This, it turns out, was a really stupid thing to say. It was my go to response when I would describe my non sensitive abilities, but after this investigation I don’t say this anymore!

So to show her that I have to rely on the equipment I hopped up and snagged a K2 meter. I asked if “he” was still with us and walked towards his preferred corner. Then he hit me, literally. I can’t say for sure if I was punched, if the spirit ran through me to escape the room, or what. But it felt like a bowling ball went through my abdomen and right out my back. It took the breath out of me and I gasped and fell to my knees. Through the gasps for air my team member Heather must have heard some of the commotion and came to see what was up. I was trying my hardest to not lose it in front of the client. After all I would leave soon and they were stuck there. (Side note – through all of this I didn’t even drop the K2 meter. Win!)

The weirdest part? For weeks after this I felt pain in my abdomen and back area. Even weirder? I was having dreams about people and places I had never seen before.

So there you have it, the story of me getting hit by a dead person. Maybe next time I can talk about the hair puller. And now you know why my team calls me “Ghost Bait.”

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Hi I am Stefanie. 30 somethin. Several kids, several businesses, and several animals in our "circus". I am here to talk about me, you, and everyone else who has ever needed, wanted, or considered having a family or a dream company. This will be unfiltered (ok a few photos may have a filter dependent on lack of sleep), I hate the term authentic because it is overplayed. Let's just say, I am going to take some truths and some stories and completely smother them in sarcasm and maybe some fun too. We aren't perfect, and you don't have to be perfect either friend.
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