Things That Go Bump in the Morning?

I would like to post something that I previously wrote on my personal blog that pertains to some common misconceptions that Paranormal Georgia Investigators deals with quite a bit. I touched on this subject a few years ago, but I continue to see this topic arise many investigations later.

So, enjoy!


Things That Go Bump in the Morning?

Why do investigations take place at night?
Why am I only seeing stuff at night?
Why do I hear strange things after I go to bed?
Why does blood drip from the wall after midnight?

OK, so I made that last question up… but the other are legitimate questions PGI has heard throughout the years. They are good questions because there does seem to be an interesting correlation between paranormal activity and the evening hours.

One theory PGI is kicking around is so simple that we must share it first. People don’t experience activity in their homes during the daylight hours because they aren’t home. I hope this simplicity didn’t offend you, but it’s true – if you are busy getting the kiddos to school and then going to do your 9 to 5 thing, how do you expect to experience activity somewhere that you are not?

And oh how I would love to talk science to you all for the next theory, but I would rather let Long Island Paranormal Investigators explain the next idea. The following information is the reason why we, like many other groups, document solar and geomagnetic activity occurring in our little universe before every investigation.

So there you have it, ghosts aren’t picky about what time of day it is – you just have to be at home to see or hear the usual activity in the home. The same things that go bump at night could go bump in the morning. And that just sounds weird, so I am closing on that note

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Thanks Long Island Paranormal Investigators for the wealth of information!

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1 Response to Things That Go Bump in the Morning?

  1. mainlyblue says:

    Great post, I think non believers do think if its real why does everything happen at night, its chalked up to natural fear of the dark, scary movies, ghost propaganda period. My first paranormal experience in the house I am blogging about was at noon, very early on in my blog I mention my first experience, I was watching my husband and our plumber work in our bathroom I was in the doorway the dining room is about 10 feet away and the view is blocked by a wall well I heard workboot type walking in the house, clearing his throat and continuing through the dining room towards the bathroom, and I said to our plumber “D” is back from lunch, he looked up at me and said “D” is not here today and the guys went back to talking……well obviously it goes on from there, I usually at this point use a digital recorder at night when I go home to our current house, and most activity with my husband and myself is during the day, so thanks for getting that out there. I can’t remember if I messaged you last night, I sent out a few, but if you can would you look at my photo on DEAD TIME FULL BODY APPARITION!!!?? I need an experienced eye, Thanks

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