Sometimes They Follow You Home

One of the most common occurrences in paranormal investigating is having activity follow you home. Why this happens I can only guess. It’s probably because you are giving attention to something and maybe it just wants more. It could also be that the spirit in question finds you interesting and want to hang around you more. How it is able to follow you home I wish I could tell you. The only thing I do know is that no matter what you may do to prevent it, they will still follow you home.

This has happened to me a few times over the years. Again, this is not predictable to when a spirit will, or will not, follow you. It just does.  I have talked to many investigators over the years and most say the same thing; if it does happen the spirit will only stay about a week and then it leaves. In my own experiences I have found this statement to be true.

Here are a few of my experiences with spirits that have followed me. All of these have happened within the week following an investigation. I was home alone one afternoon  and was heading to the basement. As I was walking down the stairs, I heard a female voice from the basement say “Hi Steve.” I just stopped dead in my tracks, laughed, and said “Hey!” back. Unfortunately, I did not get another response.

When my son was first born, he would wake in the middle of the night to eat. During a few of his feedings, I would walk down the hallway towards the kitchen and I would see a shadow figure. It was a full body of a person, just in shadow form.  It would quickly move into another room and I could not find it after that.

I have a curio cabinet I received from one of my fellow investigators. This is the second house in which I’ve kept this curio. On one of the curio shelves are three angel statues. For about a week straight I would wake up and see them moved all around. I would fix them and the next day they would be moved around again. I tried everything I could think of to debunk this but had no luck. While the curio cabinet was in the first house nothing ever happened to those statues.

This one last story is also one of my favorites. One afternoon I was in the kitchen talking with my girlfriend while she did the dishes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a blonde-headed boy, around eight years old, enter the room. He continued to walk behind me and into the bedroom that was off the kitchen. This took about five seconds in total. I thought nothing of this cause my girlfriend’s son was eight at the time and has blonde hair and was his own bedroom. The thing that threw me off was when he came walking into the room a few seconds later. Only he came in from the doorway opposite his bedroom door. So then I knew what I saw was not him and again I had just investigated the night before.

As fun as this all seems to me, having spirits follow me home drives my girlfriend nuts. She likes to remind me every time before an investigation to not bring anything home. Like I can control that. I do my best to keep them away but sometimes they still show up. It does not bother me at all and I know it will not last long.

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About Steve Engelhard13

I work as an electrician/ paranormal investigator. I am the Asst. Director of Paranormal Georgia Investigations. I grew up in Detroit and the surrounding areas. Moved to Georgia in 2006. I travel all around the southeast due to work.
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2 Responses to Sometimes They Follow You Home

  1. Paul says:

    and you don’t have to be an investigator. I was told that if you happened to smell a pleasant, beautiful fragrant from nowhere, don’t say that it smells good; otherwise, whatever it is will follow you home. It kind of like what you said that they want your attention.. that make sense.

  2. Zombiemare says:

    Cool…it is something I was concerned about-not for me, for the kids.So far the only investigating I’ve ever done was my own house.I got voices and pics-they are very polite ghosts though.There were only a few really scary experiences, but I think that spirit is gone.Maybe he was just passing through.
    ; D

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