Case Study #4 – Disagreement

Sometimes, not everyone in the house agrees with what is going on around them. Maybe only the wife is seeing the apparitions, or only the husband hears the footsteps. Sometimes, one member of the family is convinced there is no such thing as ghosts and those banging noises in the attic are NOT Great Aunt Fanny but squirrels, dang it. SQUIRRELS!

And that’s where it can get difficult for us. If one member of the family calls us for help and an investigation, the other member of the family can make us feel very unwelcome, whether they mean to or not. The last thing we ever want to do is to make a client unhappy and we are always worried when one spouse leaves the house or stands outside, clearly not pleased by our presence.

That is what happened during this particular case. The wife was convinced of activity in her home and the husband didn’t believe any of it. He knew, for a fact, that ghosts don’t exist and he clearly let it be known that he would leave during our investigation and be back by midnight. We knew that was our deadline.

When we arrived at the home, we set up our equipment as quickly as possible and started our investigation in record time. The wife camped out in her downstairs bedroom and we investigated the rest of the house. What we found was interesting.

Based on responses with a flashlight (turn the flashlight on for “yes” and off for “no”) and small, moving shadows we continuously saw during the investigation, we felt we were dealing with a young girl. This first EVP isn’t really an EVP. We were using a Shack Hack, or Frank’s Box, to communicate with any spirits present and received the following (immediate) response to the age of spirit present. (Click on the link to listen to the file – it’s best if you have headphones/earbuds and crank up the volume. Afterwards, click on your browser’s back button to this post.) At the beginning of the audio file, you’ll hear the radio constantly switching frequencies, giving out a lot of static:


This second EVP was captured in one of the bedrooms. You can hear our investigator Tammy saying “very good” and thanking the spirit for turning on the flashlight. You will hear a child’s voice, female, speaking over Tammy’s voice. At first, we thought it was humming, but it’s actually three separate words that none of us have been able to make out. Again, crank up the volume and use your headphones/earbuds if you have them:

Hum BR1

We were finishing up our investigation in the front bedroom of the house, located over the garage when we all heard it – the unmistakable sound of the garage door opening. The husband was home and we were still there. Like cockroaches scattering in the light, we leapt off the floor, gathered up our equipment, and left the house within 15 minutes. We presented our report two weeks later and never again heard from the client. Does she still experience paranormal activity at her house? Did the evidence we present convince the husband that something paranormal is going on in his house? We’ll never know.

What we do know is that if your significant other or beloved family member has contacted us to investigate and you don’t agree with the idea, it’s OK. We get it. But trust us when we say that doing this will help your loved one in the long run and will give you a chance to go see that movie you’ve been itching to check out.

And when it’s all over, we’ll get out of your house as quickly and as quietly as possible when you return. Pinky swear.

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About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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3 Responses to Case Study #4 – Disagreement

  1. mike mccall says:

    nice write up Heather!!


  2. Thanks, Mike! Thanks for reading it! 🙂

  3. E;yse says:

    To me the bedroom mumble sounds like a “thank you ___” Maybe thank you ma’am? I am not quite sure, but I definitely hear thank you

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