Old South Pittsburgh Hospital Blew Our Minds

This past Sunday and Monday, the Paranormal Georgia team spent 22 hours investigating Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in South Pittsburgh, TN.

Can I just admit something up front?

I wasn’t too sure about this place. I was skeptical. But everyone in the group wanted to go. So I paid my money, invited two blogger friends who have investigated with us before, and grudgingly drove the two hours north, convinced that it was going to be a ho-hum weekend.

I frakking love it when I’m wrong!

We have yet to go through all of our audio, but I can tell you that all of it pales in comparison to the five seconds my heart nearly beat out of my chest on Monday morning. All because a door opened. By. Itself.

This is the description I wrote for the video once I uploaded it to YouTube:

The PGI team was at Old South Pittsburgh Hospital, South Pittsburgh, TN. We were on the 3rd floor, at the psych ward entrance. Heather had just opened the door to room 303 (on the right side of the hall) and Jordan had just tried to open and secure the door to 307 (left side of the hall), but it wouldn’t stay open, so he closed it and made sure the knob was secure. Tammy then asked Buddy (a purported spirit at OSPH) to open the door and immediately, we heard the door knob to 307 twist and the door open. In the video, you can hear the door knob twist and see the light change as the door opens and light from an exterior (closed) window is visible. You can also hear (under our excited voices) the sound of the door hitting the wall twice. It was opened pretty forcefully.

There is no heat or air conditioning at OSPH. There is no exchange of air through the vents. The windows do not open. The windows are not cracked or broken. There were 11 of us in the building at the time. Seven of us were at the entrance to the psych ward, two were downstairs on the second floor eating breakfast, and the last two, the caretakers, were in their residence on the second floor. Jordan had just opened the door and checked and saw no one in the room.

This door opened by itself. Believe it.

If any of you reading this blog is skeptical, then I’ll sign an affidavit. I’ll swear on any holy book of your choice. I’ll even pay your way to Old South Pittsburgh so you can witness this activity for yourself.

Enjoy! And believe me, there’s more to come!

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About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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8 Responses to Old South Pittsburgh Hospital Blew Our Minds

  1. Avitable says:

    And now I’m even more pissed that I wasn’t able to go!

  2. rydexx says:

    So now that you have collected data believe that this place is jumping, what’s your next move? or better yet, what is ANYONE doing to establish credence? You see, there’s a difference between investigators and investigator researchers. This place to me sounds like a place to do on-going research. Collect more data to analys and bring in new equipment to test to get that much closer to communication. Going in and collecting evps and such and calling it a day is NOT going to get us closer to proving anything. We all mst go beyond the ghosting hunting.

    • Our next move is to return as soon as we can. We never “call it a day” unless we have private clients who only want us in their home once and are content with our findings after one investigation. We currently keep a database of information that includes not just evidence but also conditions and locations. Believe me when I say that we aren’t thrill-seekers. We are first here to help people and second here to provide proof that there is existence after death.

  3. rydexx says:

    But how can you help if you don’t know if something exists or not? I knowing having a 2nd pair of eyes at least helps validate the client. I mean I would not let a doctor help me if he didn’t know what he was doing or a mechanic work in my car. Heck, people used to think the world was flat but, that was proven wrong. IMHO, it seems like the study of paranormal is being done in reverse.. Like shoot now ask questions later kind of a thing. As an investigator, I guess I see things differently because I came into this field under different circumstances and as a tech engineer in my day job I have to try and figure out How and Why things work and break. No theory here. It has to be fact.

    Anyways, I know we will get there someday.


  4. Rydexx,
    Many times, a client will have claims of the paranormal and we come back with no evidence whatsoever. It happens. That’s the problem with paranormal research. You can’t make paranormal activity happen on command as a control. We try to investigate when the client says most of the activity happens. I’ve been at a client’s house at 4 in the afternoon because that’s when the activity ramped up for her. We try to recreate as many conditions as possible and sometimes, that doesn’t work.

    But here’s the thing. Most of the time, what our clients want isn’t a definitive voice or shadow or door closing. What the client wants is a sympathetic ear, someone who doesn’t scoff at them when they tell us that something walked down the stairs and it wasn’t one of the people living in the house. Many times, after our initial phone interview, the client has calmed down enough that the investigation becomes secondary. But, even though what most clients are hoping for is someone to listen to them, we still investigate, we still gather evidence, we still ask the client to keep journals (time of day, moon phase, weather conditions, mood, location, etc) so that we can add that to our knowledge base. We don’t have a lot of raw data (since we’ve only been around for three years), but hopefully, if PGI is around for a few decades, we will begin to see trends.

    See, that’s the problem with a lot of paranormal groups out there. They want that door to open on command and they only exist for the thrill of the door opening. Well, yeah, that’s pretty kick-ass, but what about recording when that door opened, what the geomagnetic field was doing that day, who was witnessing the door opening, what is the geology of the location, etc. If we can return to OSPH over a number of years and determine, for example, that the door to room 307 tends to open on cold days, when there are women present, in the morning hours, on days when the geomagnetic field is active, then you have a trend.

    And tracking these trends takes time and, you’re right, takes multiple visits. With places like Waverly Hills, OSPH, etc, repeat visits are possible. Many times, though, when dealing with private clients, once is enough for them. And we can only return when they give us permission to do so. So, we make do with what we can.

    Thanks for reading! This is some great dialog!


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  7. Nice catch ive been investigating the paranomal fo 30 years and have also caught doors opening its hard to do but i know life exsist after death 200 percent i would not spend 30 yrs on somethin if i did not think it didnt exsist worked on a cancer hospice floor for 14 yrs seen some amazing things and witness alot keep hunting you will have ur mind blown many times!!👍😃

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