Old South Pittsburgh Hospital Audio Evidence, Part 1

I have to tell you all, honestly, I loved Old South Pittsburgh Hospital. Nestled on a hillside in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, this place doesn’t look like much.

Credit: hauntedhospital.net

Credit: Photo courtesy of AURORA IMAGES by Dawn Bond https://www.facebook.com/auroraimages007

It’s just this hulk of a mid-20th century building, squatting there in its industrial, no-nonsense glory, waiting for paranormal investigators to flock to its halls and wondering where have all the patients gone?

As I stated in my previous post about this location (the post where I blow you all away with video evidence of a door opening by itself), I wasn’t looking forward to this investigation. I wasn’t excited. I was actually tired (raising three kids and one husband does that to a person) and wishing I could have stayed home.

But my experiences here and the evidence I gleaned from my voice recorder (20 – just from my recorder – and my other fellow PGI investigators still have yet to listen to their audio so you can imagine the body of evidence we will have from one 22-hour investigation of our group alone, it’s mind-boggling) convince me that this place is an evidence gold mine.

The caretaker of OSPH, Cindy, lives in this building full-time with her husband and young son. This is their home. I can tell you that when I wake up in the middle of the night and “make the rounds” of my home, I’m not scared. I don’t run back to my bedroom thinking the hounds of hell are nipping at my heels. But this place? I had a hard time walking our investigator Matt from the bedroom, to the front door, and then getting myself back to my group without running like a big chicken. Frankly, I don’t know how Cindy and her family do it, but I do know that we have her to thank. She is a wonderful advocate for groups like ours and true scientific research. It’s because of her that you can investigate here for a solid 22 hours, take your evidence home, and expand your knowledge base. For her, it’s important that we OSPH-alumni teams share what we’ve learned. And that’s what I’m doing right here.

Now, as always, you’ll need a good pair of headphones and crank the volume. Earbuds will do in a pinch, but speakers may not work for all of these EVPs. I’m presenting the first ten in this post and all of these EVPs came from our first session on the third floor. My recorder was placed on the floor at the corner by the nursery, just a few feet away from labor and delivery, and stayed stationary the entire time. Most of us were a bit further down the hall, closer to the section that was considered to be the mental evaluation area.

This first EVP occurs at three seconds in. It’s a child’s voice. I don’t know what it’s saying, but we certainly had no children with us and Cindy’s son was in bed, asleep. (Remember, click on the link and then, once you’ve listened to your fill, click on your browser’s back button.)


This next EVP occurs at about two seconds. You hear a male voice with an echo-y quality to it say, “Give me… the child.” Remember, my recorder was placed near labor and delivery so it would make sense to hear something like this.


This next one gives me the chills because I’ve asked everyone on my team if this could be them and no one has admitted to it. At about the one second mark, you hear a male whisper, “Heather… come here!”


This next EVP is very innocuous and is obviously something trying to get our attention. At this point in the session, my team had moved to another part of the floor, away from the recorders. At about four seconds, something says, “HEY!”


This is another EVP that details perfectly the spirit of a child present on the 3rd floor. You can hear our team talking and at the two second mark you hear a child’s voice say, “HI!”


During this next EVP, we had placed a flashlight at the end of the hallway, trying to encourage whatever was there to turn it on. The flashlight was located quite a distance away from my recorder. You can hear Stefanie ask something to turn it on and she counts, “1… 2… 3” At the six second mark, you hear a child say something, but it’s unintelligible.


This next EVP is confusing to me. It sounds like someone is making an announcement over the hospital PA system, but no one did this while we were investigating. At the one second mark year hear a “BING!” sound and then a female voice. Now, I made sure that no one on my team had their phones on during this time (Ah, Siri.) and no one did, so I can’t explain this one.


This is another EVP that makes the hair stand up on my neck. It’s a male voice, whispering, almost immediately into the audio file, and it says (I think) “They ought to be told the truth.”


This next EVP is of a woman’s voice saying something unintelligible at around four seconds and again at six seconds. You will hear my team talking and the woman’s voice occurs in the background.


In this final EVP (for this post), you hear my team talking rather close to the recorder. At the two second mark, you hear a woman talking under us. Trying to get our attention, perhaps?


Hope you’ve enjoyed! Part two (and all of my EVPs from this investigation) will follow in a few days.

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