Book Review – The Paranormal Equation

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Dear Readers. Our Case Manager, Stefanie, was asked to review an awesome book, “The Paranormal Equation,” by James Stein. Below is her review of the book and here is a link to purchase it at Amazon. Enjoy!

I have to admit that in reading this book I originally thought that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Let’s face it, the last book I read was The Very Hungry Caterpillar for my 2 year old. However, once said 2 year old went to bed and I began reading I rather enjoyed the book. Sure, I am terrible… terrible with math and science respectively, but there were some great topics covered in The Paranormal Equation by James Stein.

I knew just by giving the table of contents a quick glance over that I would enjoy the chapter on marital telepathy (I know right? Interesting subject!) granted, as the ball got rolling in that chapter we find out a little about quantum mechanics too. Mind blown.

I think that the most refreshing part about this read for me is the fact that it does indeed, state fact. In the paranormal field whether it be through television, conferences, reading materials, and events one can meet a million experts. So often in the paranormal community you will hear the words science and scientific thrown around all willy nilly. Don’t get me wrong here, I have had the pleasure of sitting in on discussion panels from folks who have their science and science related topics down to a tee, but some goober running around with a headlamp on and a ghost meter in hand who says they are using 100% scientific methods is well, silly to say the least. This book was a nice change of pace in that it was written by a man who certainly knows his stuff.

James Stein, or as my 2 year old calls him “Doctor Stein scientist” (his photo is on the back cover, and she is rather inquisitive) has put together a collection of facts and theories to shine a new light on all sorts of things. All sorts of things? Sounds vague right. Let me throw a few topics at you that may ring as interesting: telekinesis, clairvoyance, and parallel universes to name a few.

The book also helped me understand that just because something is supernatural it doesn’t mean it simply just goes against the usual laws of nature, enter law of physics stage left. Stein takes it a few notches further. I definitely got a new perspective on the universe, and the possibility of this Paranormal Equation. I suggest picking up a copy and learning about it yourself!

Note: Paranormal Georgia Investigations is not the author of this book. We are simply humble book reviewers. Also, this blogger and paranormal investigator received a free copy The Paranormal Equation as compensation for review of said book. This in no way influenced my review. And now my FTC disclosure of compensation requirement is done!

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