I Just Want to Know That I’m Not Crazy

Hey, folks! Heather here. I would like to introduce you all to fellow PGI investigator Nancy. She’s an amazing investigator, a fabulous case assistant,  first-time blog poster, and a wonderful asset to our team. Enjoy her post and make sure to comment!

“I just want to know that I am not crazy….”

Imagine seeing something in your own home or office that you can’t explain, don’t understand, or that scares you. Maybe you have heard someone talking and you know that you were home alone. Have you ever put something down and went back and it’s moved, or a door opens and/or closes by itself. Think about how you would feel experiencing this on a weekly or daily basis. When you tell friends or family they just shake their head, suggesting you are just seeing things, your eyes were playing tricks on you, or you were asleep. After a while, with everyone doubting your experience, you begin doubting yourself! Sometimes to the point of asking yourself the same question, “Well am I crazy?” Sound familiar?

A 2013 Harris Poll found that 42% of Americans believe in ghost (Shannon-Missal, 2013).

“Nearly one-in-five U.S. adults (18%) say they’ve seen or been in the presence of a ghost, according to a 2009 Pew Research Center survey. An even greater share – 29% – say they have felt in touch with someone who has already died.” (Lipka, 2013).

I do believe that some people who have said they have experienced paranormal activities may have personal issues, such as drugs or even chemical imbalances.  This can take away from the fact of your own experience and may cause people not to believe you or they are able to easily shake it off as a coincidence.

But, during a recent investigation, along with 2 other people, I witnessed a shadow person walk up and down the hallway several times. (Yes, encountering things like this now excite me.)  People have asked why a nice person like myself investigates the paranormal (I don’t like the term “ghost hunter”). They go on to explain they would be scared to death of a “haunted house” but this comes to the reason I do this… let’s back up a few years……

When I was much younger I had “unexplainable” things happen to me and I stopped talking about them because NO ONE believed me. Growing up, I had an intense fear of the dark and the feeling of death bearing down on me every minute. I convinced myself that a lot of the things that happened to me were my imagination, but deep down inside I knew they weren’t. As an adult I have seen some of the most expensive doctors and they have assured me I’m sane (I’ve been tested) so what in the world could make me think I was losing my touch with reality?

A few years ago for my birthday, even though he doubted my belief in ghosts, my sweet husband sent me on an investigation with a wonderful person named Andy (Andy was the head of a local paranormal group). I thought, as my husband did, that one night would answer some of my questions and that would be the end of it.  This instead fueled a fire inside me to learn more and experience more things. After getting some of my own equipment and attending many investigations with Andy’s team, I started investigating on my own and joined in on a few “guest investigations” with other groups. The more investigations that I completed, with the help of family and friends, the more I realized that I could not help people effectively as a “guest.” So I started looking for a team to join. That is when I found Paranormal Georgia Investigators (PGI) and for the first time in my life I felt semi-normal.

Several of PGI’s clients have looked at me and said “I sure hope you find something, I mean I hope you don’t find something, huh I mean….”  And I say “You hope we find some answers, whether they are natural or paranormal, that will put your mind at ease.” They look at me and say “I just want to know I’m not crazy.”  Boy, do I understand exactly how they feel!

This process started out with me looking for some answers, which lead to wanting to help others and I realized that along the way I was overcoming a lot of my childhood fears! No longer did I cry on car trips at night in the rain, no longer did I hate the quiet or the dark, and in my journey I tried to learn to scuba dive and even have taken a few airplane trips. Now I may never get the answers that I am looking for, but I think that the side effects have totally been worth it! Thank you Chris and PGI team members for believing in me and letting me be a part of something so interesting!


Shannon-Missal, L., (2013), Americans’ Belief in God, Miracles and Heaven Declines

Lipka, M., (2013), 18% of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost

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About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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5 Responses to I Just Want to Know That I’m Not Crazy

  1. Lani says:

    Great job Nancy!

  2. Claudia says:

    Great blog, Nancy!

  3. Tamarick Woodard says:

    There’s a lil girl my girlfriend babysits and when she was sleep there was a reflection of someone else’s eyeball and the photo isn’t photoshopped or nothing and in the apartment the Little girl lives in there’s been a lot of weird stuff going on in the past 4 to 5 years..

  4. Tamarick Woodard says:

    And I live maybe an hour away from Atlanta

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