Why Is The Paranormal So Unbelievable?

Hello everyone, Heather here. I’d like to introduce you to Jeremy, one of our investigators who also serves as our Technical Assistant. Jeremy just completed his Bachelor of Science in Education from Kennesaw State University and we are so very proud! He also found time to write the following blog post that asks a compelling question many of us paranormal investigators struggle against. Hope you enjoy it and make sure you comment below and keep the conversation going!

As paranormal investigators we constantly have to deal with the ridicule that studying in this field often comes with. Many scientists believe that studying the paranormal is a complete waste of time and that every paranormal experience has a scientific explanation. However, why does the paranormal have to be relegated to science fiction by much of the scientific community? Why can we not simply treat it as natural phenomena that we do not, at this time, yet fully understand? These questions seem so glaringly obvious to myself, but outside of a few members of the group I have never heard them posed in an open forum. Well, in my opinion there are many different reasons for this. I want to open the discussion in order to not only push the paranormal field forward, but to also push the whole scientific community forward in their opinion of the paranormal.

First of all, it seems that there is an aura of arrogance in the world. We have come so far in the past 100 years that we tend to think that we know everything about the planet and the universe. However, there are still many mysteries that are yet to be solved and we need to remain open minded that paranormal occurrences don’t have “rational” or “scientific” explanations. It was not that long ago that we thought the earth was flat. It was not long ago that we thought the Earth was the center of the universe. It was not long ago that we were unaware that microscopic organisms made us ill. This all finally changed with breakthroughs in science, mathematics, and technology. How do we know that we simply do not have the correct tools in order to accurately measure paranormal activity? Sure we have our Mel Meters, voice recorders, K2s, and cameras, but these are tools that present evidence that is very subjective. All it may take to push the field forward and be taken seriously by the scientific community is a technological breakthrough. History is full of these discoveries and, in my opinion, many different types of paranormal phenomena are actually a naturally occurring phenomena that we do not yet fully understand. I think as human beings we need to remain humble, because the fact is that we are only one small piece of the universe. I think many fear the unknown and find comfort in thinking they know everything. However, I find the unknown exciting and I think it drives scientific exploration forward.

Now, you may say to me, “Jeremy, the real problem is that science shows no supporting evidence for hauntings and many people think that all paranormal experiences can be explained through psychology,” and yes many scientists do believe that. However, anyone that has actually spent some time investigating the paranormal will tell you that there is plenty of evidence, but the problem is the subjective evidence. It is true that almost 99% of cases can be explained very logically and rationally, but that 1% is what excites me as an investigator. That 1% is incredibly hard to write-off as psychological, especially when multiple people see that same apparition at the same time and do not tell each other what they see until later. My point is that many people around the world have these experiences, and to simply write them off and say that they are all just suffering from mass delusion serves no purpose except to ignore that something we don’t fully understand may be happening. My very first investigation with PGI was an old hospital and there were multiple shared experiences that night. We experienced phantom footsteps, voices, and I experienced physical contact for the first time. So, did we imagine all of this activity we experienced? Some could say that maybe we were feeding off of each other and in some circumstances I would agree that it could be a possibility. However, this night we were experiencing the same thing at the same time and corroborating each others stories, so I do not agree with that statement. We always try to be as objective as possible and that means that we never assume that location is haunted. We always carry the attitude that we can explain most hauntings logically, and it is only when the evidence points towards a haunting that we can truly deem it as such. However, our aim should always be to turn the subjective into objective evidence.

In short, the reason so many find the paranormal so unbelievable is the unwillingness for science to accept the paranormal due to subjective evidence. Now, I completely understand why people would be skeptical, but this is a shame considering the amount of accounts there are on a daily basis. Obviously something compelling is happening. Can all of these people be imagining things? Or, is there a natural phenomenon that we have not figured out how to tap into yet. I adhere to the hypothesis that what we deem as paranormal is in fact natural, and eventually we will see paranormal as normal. This will require extensive study, and for now since there is a lack of support in the mainstream scientific community it is up to groups such as ours to perform the study, collect the data, and help answer the questions. We need to push on, and gather as much evidence as we can. Then maybe one day we can drop the “para” from paranormal.

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