What is the Paranormal Data Collective?

I know you’re all wondering, “What the heck is The Paranormal Data Collective?” Well, we’re VERY excited to tell you all about it and hopefully have you be a part of it!

The Paranormal Data Collective is an idea that we have kicked around for several years. Since our inception in 2009, we felt there had to be a way to break down each of our investigations into raw external data points, meaning outside the EVPs, full-body apparitions, or objects moving, what is happening in the location’s environment during the investigations? What’s the weather like? How about solar flare activity? How many women were in the house during the investigation? Men? Dogs? Cats? Is the client taking any medication? We started breaking down our interviews and final reports into these data points with the ultimate goal of someday being able to track trends that may happen during our investigations.

But, we can’t do it alone. We would need decades to collect this information, performing investigations weekly, maybe even daily. And we just can’t do that. You know how it is. Sometimes, paranormal investigative/research groups are lucky to investigate once a month.

We realized that if we could get other groups to participate, to share their data with each other, that we, as a community, could collect the data faster. Not only that, but maybe through scientific cooperation, our paranormal community can be taken seriously by the greater scientific community.

What we’re asking everyone to do is share. We’re not asking you to publish the names, addresses, ages, or employment statuses of your clients. We’re asking everyone to collect the anonymous data relating to your investigations. And we’re asking you to share it with other groups if you’re asked to do so. And we’re asking you to give credit to other groups if they share with you and you publish the findings.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

Unlike the paranormal community, the scientific community shares all the time. “Look!” shouts the one scientist, “I’ve created energy via cold fusion!”

“Really?” queries the second scientist, “Let me see your notes and try to replicate that.”

If the second scientist can do it, then it’s free energy for everyone and a published paper and world fame for the first scientist! If the second scientist can’t replicate the experiment, then it’s back to the drawing board for the first scientist. The paranormal community doesn’t do that. We don’t investigate a client’s house and ask a second group to come in and try to capture the same evidence. And that is something we should do.

Since not every client wants multiple investigations in their home and not every area has multiple paranormal groups, this is the next best thing. By collecting raw data from groups across the country, we can maximize our results in a very short period of time, as well as foster cooperation that will put us closer on the path of true experimentation within our community.

This right here is #ParaUnity. The Paranormal Data Collective is more than a meaningless hashtag. It’s real science. And you can be part of it.

Make sure you visit The Paranormal Data Collective site to get an idea of what we’re doing. Then, go over to the Who Are the Members of the Collective to see who is participating. Once you’re ready to join, click over to How Do You Join? and fill out the form to give us your group’s contact information. Then, finally, pay a visit to Where Do I Go To Get Started? to see what sites we use to collect some of our data.

Happy investigating and happy collecting!

About Heather Scarbro Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three, author, paranormal investigator, and a stay-at-home astronaut. When I'm not terrorizing the Bible Belt PTA with my purple hair and "Hail Satan" shirt, you can find me at home, binge-watching "Charlie's Angels."
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