Paranormal Sensitives Don’t Always Cry

Hello, everyone! Heather here! Today’s post comes straight from our very own Charter Member, Past Director, investigator, and sensitive, Clint Brownlee. Enjoy!

Sensitive? What, you cry a lot or something?

No, I don’t cry a lot or get weepy-eyed at television commercials, but the occasional hug is OK.

So I’m “sensitive.” What does that mean to paranormal investigators? Well, it depends on who you ask and since I am writing this, let’s pretend you asked me.

Am I a psychic? No, not at all. I do not do readings, or talk to your dead relatives, or communicate with the other side through spirit guides or guardian angels. Well, at least I don’t think I do.

What do I do? I do what everyone else does. The main difference is that I pay attention to what I feel and I vocalize it or write it down. I feel energy, at least I think I do, and I say what I feel. We all have the ability, but many people have “turned off” their sixth sense. It is that intuition, or gut feeling that you get. Lots of people follow their gut feeling and it serves them well. There is a reason we have these feelings and I think they are to protect us. How many times have you looked at a person and got that creepy feeling that something was just not right and you decided to remove yourself from the area as rapidly as possible. Think of it as an early warning system. It’s the same thing as meeting a person for the first time and within the first five seconds or so, you know if you like them or not and you can’t explain why. They may feel that same way or they may not. This is something that we all have and with practice it can be enhanced. Well, maybe not enhanced, but you can be taught to recognize, vocalize, or otherwise acknowledge what you feel.

What have I done to better realize what I feel? Nothing that I know of. It has sort of just always been that way. I think it became even stronger when I was a firefighter because going with your gut feeling tended to produce better outcomes in the field. It could be anything from “feeling” like we are about to get a bad call to “feeling” the energy of people on an emergency scene and knowing if something is about to go sideways on you. I think most police officers and firefighters have tuned into their intuition or “gut feeling” because they rely on it to survive in the field. How many crimes are solved because the detective had a “hunch” or “gut feeling” about the suspect or the victim? These feelings lead to searching for the right clues and evidence. As paranormal investigators it would be smart to pay attention to those gut feelings, you never know if they will lead you to a room where you catch the best EVP you have ever caught.

How do I use this so called “sensitivity” while investigating? Generally I will go into a location without any prior knowledge of the case. After the lead investigator and tech manager do their walk-through with the client, I will do a walk-through of the location and make written notes about what I feel and where. If another sensitive is there for the investigation, they will do the same and we will compare notes. I would say that we usually match up about 80% to 85% of the time on what we each feel. If there is only one sensitive on the team then they share their notes with the team lead and compare them with the client’s claims. Sometimes we use these feelings to help guide the investigation through questioning or through investigating an area that may normally be overlooked.

What is it that I feel? Energy, I think. That’s what I really think it is, perhaps it is the vibration of that energy, but I guess no one really knows. I do feel the energy of the living nearly as often as that of whatever else it is out there. Sometimes it is hard to separate the two and I sometimes find it difficult when the location is more modern. I have sat on a client’s bed and become physically ill with stomach pains and as soon as I got up, the pain was gone. I sat down again the same thing happened. I asked the other sensitive to try it and she too had the same experience. At the end of the investigation we asked the client if she had been sick or anything and she then told us that she had stomach cancer and had several surgeries and other treatments. It is rare that I see a spirit. I usually create an image in my mind of what they look like based on the energy that I feel. Usually I can feel the gender and an approximate age, but there is no way to really tell if I am correct or not. I feel emotional energy too: happy, sad, angry, etc. Sometimes this gets clouded with the energy of those who are living and occupying the location. Sometimes their energy is the only energy in the house and they are really just causing their own problems. They may feel suffocated and oppressed in their home because they live a cluttered and chaotic life and their home is full of clutter and is disorganized without harmony. Cleanup your environment and that would all change.

Judge or Judge not? Over the years I have used this skill to judge the character of people that I meet. It is hard not to judge others, but let’s face reality here. We all judge each other on some level. I think I feel the vibrations that a person’s energy gives off and if that vibration is not in a frequency that I am tuned in to, then I will usually keep my guard up and put distance between us. It could be physical distance or emotional. It just depends on what I feel I need in order to protect myself, my family, and my friends. At some point this can become a problem and I have just not even given some people a chance to prove themselves, but every time I do let someone have a chance to prove themselves, I usually end up being right. The overwhelming majority of people give off good vibes and the ones that cause me to keep my distance are pretty few and far between

What now? I feel like I have really just opened the first door on being able to really recognize what I am feeling and being able to be confident enough to vocalize it. That’s a lot of it right there, being confident enough to vocalize it. I know there are more doors that can be opened to learn new skills and ways of seeing, but at the moment I am fine where I am and maybe when I am ready, I may start the journey of opening up more doors.

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