A Review of “Ghosts From the Ground Up, Field Notes of a Ghost Miner”

Ghosts From The Ground UpHi, everyone! Heather here! Clint Brownlee, our investigator and sensitive-extraordinaire, is back with an awesome book review! Our whole team had the honor of meeting Patrick Doyle, star of SyFy channel’s “Ghost Mine.” He’s a great guy, an awesome investigator, and now author. Enjoy!

Ghosts From the Ground Up, Field Notes of a Ghost Miner is a well-written book that is easy to read and contains about 200 pages. It was a fairly fast read and I was able to finish it in two evenings of reading. It is well-printed with a good size text to help some of us that are a little sight-challenged.

I purchased the book from Mr. Doyle at DragonCon and he was kind enough to sign it for me. He was a pleasure to talk to and we seem to share similar ideas about the paranormal. When I purchased the book I made the assumption that it was going to be full of stories about the events that happened to him and the rest of the crew on Ghost Mine. Turns out, I made an incorrect assumption. While it does contain some descriptions of some of the events that took place while filming Ghost Mine, the meat of the book is dedicated to Mr. Doyle’s take on popular and not so popular theories about the existence and cause of paranormal activity. It is full of questions, questions that we as investigators should be asking ourselves. He mentions “Stone Tape Theory” in the book and gives a brief description. I have to say that I like it. He also discusses “Time Slip Theory,” which I was not familiar with, but he breaks down the theory in an easy to understand way with an illustration. Mr. Doyle also discusses his past as a paranormal investigator and the reason he got started on this adventure.

This was a good, quick read that made me think about some of the things we do as paranormal investigators and what we should be doing. If we continue to ask questions and use new tools and theories, then maybe one day we will find the answers we are all seeking. If we are all not getting anywhere with the tools we currently have, then maybe it’s time to rock the boat and develop some new tools. If you are an investigator or on a team that is stuck in a rut, doing the same thing every time you go out, then maybe you should read this book to help you start asking questions again.

Book Review Disclaimer: I am writing this review of my own free will. Mr. Doyle didn’t pay me with money or promises of haunted mine adventures. I just felt like highlighting an awesome book for this blog. No FTC disclosures needed.

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