Ghost in the Podcast, Episode 2 Part 1

ITunesPGIPodcastHey folks! You’ve waited long enough, and have been extremely patient, and so here we are, finally delivering our next podcast to you! This is a two-parter and is about “Professionalism in the Paranormal.” Part two will be coming up next month. Hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe to our PGI Ghost in the Podcast on iTunes and leave us feedback and rate our show. Enjoy!

About Heather S. Dobson

I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three young ones, a writer, a paranormal investigator, and a lunatic. I'm also hoping to win a Nobel Prize in physics, but I guess that means I should get something above a BS in said subject and do more in-depth, life-changing studies besides "the sticking power of mac 'n cheese on smooth wallpaper." Alas...
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2 Responses to Ghost in the Podcast, Episode 2 Part 1

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  2. Levey Green says:

    Look I’m serious as I can get without sounding crazy I know you probably get about a million of these request but we need help I just purchased this property and it’s a real hot spot if you don’t have time please recommend some one who might care enough or want to help us one of the entities calls himself Azazel if that means anyanything to anyone please reply

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