About PGI

The first, and most important, thing you need to know about us is that the tag line you see on our site header, and on our business cards, is absolutely true. “Let us ease your fears with fact, not fiction.” rules everything we do as paranormal investigators. We absolutely will not lie to you and we don’t investigate the paranormal to seek thrills. We stand behind our convictions and we will always be 100% honest with you. We will tell you what we think is going on in your home or place of business and there will be no sugar-coating. We will also make sure everything we tell you is backed up by evidence. If our sensitives pick up on the spirit of an elderly woman in your home, we won’t tell you that unless we find evidence of her through video, photographs, and/or EVPs audio clips.

Since July, 2009, our strong group of twelve members share a similar background in the paranormal field. The majority of our charter members had several years experience prior to forming our organization. We make it a point to exceed the professional image we had all carried in previous organizations that we were a part of.

As a part of Paranormal Georgia Investigations we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of knowledge and assistance to families who are searching for a better understanding of their experiences. We use the highest quality and most efficient equipment possible.

Throughout our years of investigative experience we have come across several organizations that are everything PGI would never strive to be. Some paranormal groups appear to be thrill seekers, often times charging pricey fees for their services. We have also come across organizations that allow complete strangers to pay to investigate; thus allowing untrained and unprofessional individuals to roam in private residences and businesses.

To ease the minds of our clients we can assure that we would never allow individuals into client’s homes that were not trained, tested for skill, and most importantly professional members of our organization. It is also important to note that we do not charge for any type of investigation.

We are a very close knit group and we love what we do. Many of us started our journey in the paranormal field together; trained and investigated together on a weekly basis. We make it a point to make our clients as comfortable as possible, beginning with the first phone call, and ending with our team’s final report and beyond.

If you want to know more before you contact us, read the following articles, from our blog, written about our group.

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