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I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm actually a wife, mother of three young ones, a writer, a paranormal investigator, and a lunatic. I'm also hoping to win a Nobel Prize in physics, but I guess that means I should get something above a BS in said subject and do more in-depth, life-changing studies besides "the sticking power of mac 'n cheese on smooth wallpaper." Alas...

The Jersey Devil

Hey, everyone! Heather here! Our sasquatch/cryptozoology expert, Shawn, is back again! This time, he’s written about a cryptid from his home state of New Jersey. Someday, we’ll plan a PGI trip to the Jersey Pine Barrens for a Jersey Devil excursion. … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide is a Heckuva Drug

I’m sure that many of you already know about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO). You’ve heard it in school, from the fire department, and you probably have several CO detectors in your own home. CO is a silent killer that can’t be … Continue reading

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The Mothman

Many people enter the paranormal field because of childhood experiences they can’t explain. Maybe they had a nightly visitor that would stand at the end of their bed or maybe their imaginary playmate wasn’t so… imagined. Those people come to us … Continue reading

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The Power of Thought: Tulpas

OK. I’ll admit it. Most all of the recent spate of paranormal TV shows irritate the bejeezus out of me, but what’s most interesting about said shows is that they do point out to us the supposed “most haunted” locations in our … Continue reading

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Stone Tape and a Guy Named Schumann

When trying to explain residual hauntings, many paranormal investigators will fall back on the “Stone Tape” hypothesis to explain how a moment in time can play back like a recording, over and over again. There’s just one huge problem with … Continue reading

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Getting Into the Spirit – Jack-O-Lanterns

Hey, everyone! Heather here! Our resident historian, Jordan, is here today with an awesome blog post about the origins of the jack-o-lantern, that Halloween symbol we all know and love. Enjoy! One of the most iconic symbols of the Halloween … Continue reading

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Busy, Crazy Halloween

Halloween is a busy time of year for us. October is a crazy, wonderful month for paranormal teams across the country. Many of us are speaking at public libraries and other events, promoting ghost tours and doing interviews. It’s an … Continue reading

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Our Halloween Schedule

Our October schedule is already filling up and we want to share with you what we’ll be doing and where! We still have availability for library and private group/corporate talks, so if you would like to add us to your … Continue reading

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DragonCon 2016

Hey, all! We are honored, yet again, to be presenting at Atlanta’s very own DragonCon! It’s the 30th anniversary year, and we’re looking forward to hanging out with all our paranormal peeps, seeing the sights, and meeting new friends! (As … Continue reading

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Misconceptions of the Paranormal

Hey, all! Heather here! The following post is from our Charter Investigator and current Assistant Director Jordan. Enjoy! It should be understood that not everybody has a belief or interest in the paranormal, and that is completely fine. We here … Continue reading

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