Client Expectations

The first thing you, as the client, need to be aware of is that we are entirely a volunteer organization. None of us are paid to investigate the paranormal. We do this to help people and to answer our own lifelong questions. Knowing this, we need you, as our client, to realize that we all have families and jobs that come before PGI. We will investigate your home or business to the best of our abilities and will report our findings to you as soon as we are physically able. Please be aware of this when you call us.

The second thing you, as the client, need to be aware of is that our safety is our primary concern. There are certain questions we will have for you during our initial phone interview that are very personal in nature. We don’t ask these questions to be nosy or to immediately report you to law enforcement. We ask these questions for our safety. When our Case Manager calls to conduct the phone interview, please answer all of his or her questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. Below is a link to a .pdf file that details every question our Case Manager will ask you during this phone interview. Feel free to download this file, read it, and familiarize yourself with the questions we will be asking you.

PGI Client Interview Form

The third thing you, as the client, need to know is that our group functions to document activity and to report our findings. We do not bless homes, we do not cleanse homes, and we do not exorcise spirits. We will investigate your home or business and report our findings (or lack thereof) to you. If you decide to have your home blessed/cleansed/exorcised, that is your personal decision and we leave it to you to contact someone from your faith to perform the blessing.

Our Investigative Process

Once you, as the client, email our Case Manager with a request to schedule an investigation, he or she will reply within 24 hours and schedule a phone call to conduct the interview regarding the activity you are experiencing. The information from this interview is kept strictly confidential with only the minimum amount of information given to the lead investigator on your case. Once the phone interview is complete, the Case Manager will also email you a Client Agreement for you to read and sign (electronically) that states that all information and questions that were covered in the initial interview were answered truthfully and to the best of your ability and that if at any point during the scheduled investigation the designated PGI team feels uncomfortable, or feels that the health or well-being of the team may be compromised, that they may terminate the investigation and leave before its completion. Once you, the client, have read and signed this Client Agreement, the Case Manager will then check with the investigators of PGI to choose a day and time for your investigation that works best for you as well as PGI. The investigation will then be placed on our schedule and we will populate the investigation with available investigators.

Two days before the investigation, the Case Manager will call you to confirm that you are still prepared for our arrival and that the scheduled date and time will work for you. If everything is a go, our investigators will arrive at the time scheduled by you and the Case Manager. The Lead Investigator will introduce themselves and ask for a walk-through of the location so that he or she can become familiar with the floor plan, decide where to place equipment, and designate teams for EVP sessions. The Lead Investigator will also have two forms for you, as the client, to read and sign. One form is a permission and liability form that allows you, as the client, to dictate where in your home we can and can’t go, what time you want us to leave, and states that we understand that paranormal investigations can be dangerous for us and that we won’t hold you liable for any injuries we may incur. The second form is the privacy agreement which allows you, as the client, to dictate to us if we may or may not share evidence we may find with the public.

Once we begin our investigation, we will need for you and your family to leave the premises. Also, if you have pets, they will need to be corralled into one area of the house where they cannot interfere with the investigation. You are free to go out to dinner or a movie, go to a neighbor’s house, or hang out in your front yard, but we need a quiet house to investigate and to perform EVP sessions with no noise pollution and no risk of someone walking in front of our cameras. After several EVP sessions with just our group, we are happy to welcome you back in to participate in an EVP session with us, if you choose to do so, but we MUST ask that you, as the client, trust us to conduct an investigation without you. If you must remain in the home, please be aware that we will not be able to conduct the paranormal investigation you deserve. And, just as a side note, you are welcome to check our cars, equipment cases, purses, equipment bags, etc., to make sure we haven’t walked off with the family silver. We understand that it’s hard to trust strangers in your home and I can guarantee you that you can trust all of our investigators to take only audio and video evidence from your home, nothing more.

Once we’ve completed our investigation, we will leave and review our audio, video, and photographic evidence. This will take two to four weeks, depending on how busy our calendar is. Once we have completed evidence review, we will email you our final report and any audio/video/photographic evidence we have collected. Once you have our final report in hand, that isn’t necessarily the end of our relationship. If you want to schedule a follow-up investigation, we are happy to do so. Any time you want to contact us with questions, you are welcome to do so. And if you are unhappy with our findings, you are welcome to call in another team and share our findings with them.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to helping you!

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