We never charge clients when we perform investigations for them and we never charge anyone who wants to ask us questions via phone call, email, or blog comment. We are volunteers and our funds for equipment come from our own pockets. We have in the past, though, been asked if we take donations. The answer is yes.

There is always at least one piece of equipment in need of repair or replacement. And, like all paranormal investigators, we dream of FLIR thermal cameras.

So, if you would like to donate (which no one is obligated to do, but if you do THANK YOU!!!) we’ve provided a PayPal link below. Any amount is welcome. Again, many thanks!

Clicking here will take you to the Make Online Payments and Pay Online page at PayPal. Just use our email address PGIBoard(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks again!

Disclaimer: This is a public blog/forum. If you comment here, anyone who comes to this site will be able to see your comment. Comments are not deleted unless they are spam/offensive. If you have private information you don’t wish the public to see, do not put it in your comment. Comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take full responsibility, liability, and blame from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment. The accuracy, completeness, veracity, honesty, exactitude, factuality and politeness of comments are not guaranteed. In other words, don’t comment with your email address, physical address, or phone number. If you do so, we cannot be responsible for any spam/crank calls you may receive. Think before you comment. Please.

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