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Do you charge for an investigation?
PGI does not charge for investigations. It is our goal to assist those in need as a community service.

What is a haunting?
There are two types of hauntings: residual and intelligent. A residual haunting is a kind of “recording” of a past event on an environment, such as a house, building or a battlefield. These recordings play back, over and over in a kind of loop – always the same, like a film or video, never reacting to outside stimuli from the living world. An intelligent haunting is one in which the spirit interacts with the living world.

I’ve heard about demonic hauntings and I’m scared I may have that happening to me.
Demonic hauntings are extremely rare. The odds of your haunting being a demonic one are very, very slim. But, our investigators know what to look for and, on the rare chance a case classifies as demonic (which we’ve never encountered), we know of organizations, people, and clergy who can help you. Remember, Hollywood hauntings are over-the-top because they need to sell movie tickets. Don’t assume the worst is happening because of what you’ve seen on the big screen.

What is a ghost?
A ghost – or spirit or apparition – is the energy, soul or personality of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next. Most researchers believe that these spirits either do not know they are dead or they are here to finish a task or deliver a message. Very often they have died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional circumstances. Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell (fragrances and odors), touch – and sometimes they can just be sensed.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Here is a list of equipment we use conduct our scientific and analytical investigations

  • Infrared Cameras allow us to monitor our surroundings through a level of light that our naked eyes cannot see during the dark/nighttime hours.
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) enable us to simultaneously monitor and record multiple cameras through out the investigation.
  • Electromagnetic Field Meters (EMF) allow us to look for natural and unnatural fluctuations in the electromagnetic field in the surrounding areas.
  • Digital Voice Recorders are used to capture EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) said to be the disembodied voices of spirits/residual energy.
  • Digital Cameras are most commonly to capture light anomalies and other strange occurrences.
  • IR Thermometers are used to detect unexplainable fluctuations in the surrounding air.
  • Amplified REM-Pods are used to detect nearby EMF disturbances. The antenna emits an electromagnetic field and if anything disrupts said field, an alarm goes off (so we can hear it if we’re far away) and lights turn on (so we can see it on our cameras if we aren’t in the room).

If I think my home is haunted, do I need to have it blessed?
Having your home blessed is a personal choice. Any blessings could never hurt but if it makes you feel better we recommend you refer to an authority on your religion or personal belief system.

Are your members religious?
All of our members come from different religious beliefs and backgrounds. We may wear religious symbols during our investigations for personal protection, but we don’t use any religious rites or rituals during investigations and we don’t judge our clients based on their faith or lack thereof. We use scientific methods of investigation.

I’m scared to be in my home and until you are able to give me answers as to what is happening, I don’t want to be here. What do I do?
Remember, your house is your house. Your name is on the deed, not the name of the spirit. If a homeless person walked through your front door and set up shop in the family room, you would tell said person to get lost, right? Well, same concept. You need to make the spirit aware that this is your house and your rules. Let the spirit know that you’re aware of its presence but that you don’t appreciate being scared. Set down ground rules and this should help.

Should I keep a record of what is happening?
Yes! We tell all of our clients to keep a journal. Write down what happened, the date, the room, the weather, time of day, the mood you were in before the paranormal occurence, everything you can think of. This can help us establish a pattern and simply expands our knowledge base.

I don’t want my neighbors to know I’m having my home investigated. Can your team be discreet?
Absolutely. Normally, we conduct investigations wearing our PGI shirts, but if you wish, we will arrive in one car, with a minimum number of investigators, in non-logo’ed clothing.

I need your investigators to leave by a certain time. I don’t want to stay up until dawn.
We leave when you ask us to leave. If you want us out of your home by midnight, then we will have our equipment packed up ten minutes before. You are the boss and you tell us your wishes and needs.

I don’t want any of my evidence released to the public or my name associated with any evidence.
No problem. Before the investigation even starts you, as the client, tell us what you expect from us and what you want. If you’re OK with evidence being shared on this site and with other investigative groups, we will make sure your name is not associated with said evidence. All of your personal information will be kept private. If you don’t want any evidence shared on this site or with other groups, the evidence will then go no further than our hard drives. We have a privacy policy that all of our investigators sign and any violation of said policy results in the immediate removal of that investigator from our group.

Do you provoke?
We do not provoke the spirits unless the client specifically asks us to do so. Many of the paranormal TV shows today use provoking because it’s good for ratings. What’s not good about provoking is that it tends to stir up paranormal activity in a bad way. Imagine a stranger walking into your house and suddenly shouting at you, making demands, with no courtesy. You would be pretty ticked, right? Spirits were once people and, as the old saying goes, you’ll probably catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. We’ll probably get better results being kind rather than provoking and, in that way, you won’t be suffering the repercussions after we leave.

Do I need to be present for the investigation?
No, you don’t. You can stay at a neighbor’s or family member’s home while we conduct the investigation. We actually prefer to have the house to ourselves for the first part of the investigation to verify if you, as the owner, are the trigger to the paranormal activity. We may ask you to join us, if you are comfortable, during the last part of the investigation. And, of course, we promise to leave your house as we found it.

Do you do follow-up investigations?
Yes, if you request a return investigation, we are more than happy to oblige. Again, it’s free of charge.

Can a ghost come back after being asked to leave?
Yes, but we are always available to help and to give you options to help make sure you’re comfortable again in your home.

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